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Under Covid Red Conditions the Selling rate for timing of Items is 130 Lots per hour.


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General Auctions:

People are increasingly turning to consumer goods auctions for furniture, appliances, soft furnishings, garden products, white goods, home
improvement goods, baby wear, and electricals.

Traders, car boot sellers, TradeMe traders, members of the public and landlords can all take advantage of the bargains available at these
auctions, which can include new goods, liquidated stock, customer returns and graded products.

The NZ Police Force utilise auction houses as a last resort for stolen or misplaced goods where the original owner cannot be traced. The Police have
a limited storage capacity so after a certain period of time unclaimed items are sold via auction where there is no realistic prospect of them being
reunited with the owner.

Wednesday, 10th August [2]

Wednesday, 3rd August [1]
Wednesday, 27th July [4]
Wednesday, 20th July [3]


Antique Auctions:

Selling and buying antiques at auction can be fun and highly lucrative with items such as fine art, jewelry, collectibles and furniture being offered on a reqular occurance.

A fascinating product sold through auction, not ours was an 18th century Chinese Qing Dynasty Vase, which sold for $51 million after a family in suburban London cleared the attic of a house.

Thursday,29th September, 10am

Special Auctions:

These Auctions mainly occur after the sale of a business, or a rural property. The contents of either are sometimes not required or did not incorporate part of the sale agreement.

A wide selection of specialist machinery, office equipment, manufacturing apparatus, agriculture equipment and office furniture can be sourced through industrial auctions.

Thursday, 7th July, 10am


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